Thursday, May 7, 2020

May 7

        Hi everyone!! 
                     I'm getting this blog posted MUCH later than I had planned and I am so sorry!  Today I filmed a video for you!!  I went outside... and after much work.. we had a video...  but then, getting it to my computer.. and through the editing software... well...  Hopefully next week we can do the video.  I will keep working on it and as soon as it is ready, I will post it!  
                     I want you  to do something a bit different this week....  GO OUTSIDE and listen!  Do you hear the birds?  They have been singing like crazy in my backyard this week... it's been beautiful!  So much music out there!  
                    Last week, I posted a video about making homemade instruments...  I don't know if any of you did that... but if you didn't, I will post the link again....  My goal for this week is for YOU to make some music!  Will post some videos of examples.. but I really want you to go out and make some music yourself... not just watch others do it!    
          Here is the vide about how to make your own instruments:

 Some examples of homemade instruments:  
            Making a pan flute out of drinking straws! 

         Music with bottles!  

           UNBELIEVEABLE music with cups!!!!  


See what you can come up with!!  Meanwhile... I will try to get my video up and running!   Have fun, go outside and make some music!!   

Mrs. Durrell

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