Thursday, May 21, 2020

                                                                                                  May 21, 2020

HI everyone!  Well, it's Memorial Day weekend...  so, I have made a short video for you to watch here.. in it I will explain this weeks assignment.  After you watch it... you can follow the directions below:


Here are the videos for you to watch.  To be honest.. this is a subject very "near and dear" to my heart.. I really love history and I had a difficult time choosing.  I hope that you all enjoy them.

1.     The American Revolutionary war was fought in the years 1775-1783.  Music became very important during that time.  Not only for keeping up the morale (mood) of our soldiers.. music was used to help them march together and to give messages even on the battlefield. Some of you will recognize this song.. it's called "Yankee Doodle"  Different songs would mean different things to the soldiers.. telling them to attack, or retreat (go back!)  This is a Junior Drum and Bugle corp in Colonial Williamsburg. These young people wear clothing like they did in colonial times and play the same music.  What you are seeing and hearing is just like what you would have heard if you had been alive back in 1775.

2.    This song should be very familiar to you.  It's our national anthem!  This song, also called the Star Spangled Banner... was written during a battle of the War of 1812.  The songwriter was watching the battle.. and it was so fierce.. he was really worried that the American's wouldn't survive the night.. and he wrote this song and his joy, when "by the dawns early light - our flag was still there".  This video shows visitors at Ft. McHenry (near Baltimore) helping to raise the flag.  If you go there someday, maybe you can help raise it as well!  I wanted to include this video as well.. as you can learn a lot about our flag and it's history here.  It's is a bit "cut up" however and didn't make a good video to have you hear the National Anthem. My family and I lived near Baltimore a few years ago and I was able to go to Ft. McHenry.  I hope someday you will all get to go as well! Look at how BIG the flag is!

The United States Civil war was fought between 1861-1865.  It was a difficult time for our country, but one that helped shape who we are today.  There were two side in that war, commonly called the North and the South.  We will look at a favorite song from each side.
 3. - The Northern side was just that, from the north.  This song was actually a mixture of a few, but when a lady named Julia Ward Howe wrote the words, the song came together and was a favorite of people in the North. It's called Battle Hymn of the Republic.

4.  The arrangement of the song that I found for you is actually a very short medly of TWO songs that were very famous in the south. They were sung in the towns and cities and also on the battlefields.  They are Dixie and Bonnie Blue Flag.  I hope that you like them.

5.   World War I was fought mostly in Europe from 1914-1918.  America entered the war in 1917 and many young soldiers went to fight.  (My grandfather was one of them.)  This song was always a favorite of his and his soldier friends.  During the actual war, it was a song sung all over America to get people worked up about the war.  Soldiers sang it even on the boats going over to Europe.  The song is called Over There.

*From now on, you will notice some changes in style.  Up until now, alot of marching was done to military music.. and that continued.  But, as times changed, the popular music did too...

6.   For the United States, World War II was fought between 1914-1945.  Before the war started, Glenn Miller was a famous band leader and musician.  He enlisted in the US Army at the beginning of the war hoping that he could be of some help.  He started to mix together the sound of his popular music with the marching music.  This is a classic example.  It's called St. Louis Blues March.  I hope you enjoy this one!

7.   The Korean was was fought between 1950-1953.  There are not alot of songs about this war.  This was one of the few that I could find.  It's called  God Please Protect America. 

8.    The Vietnam war was fought between the years 1955-1975.  The United States became officially involved in 1965.  Although the war brought many questions to many people.. music continued to be important.  The following song was used by the US Army to keep up the spirits of the fighting men and help in recruiting. It's called The Ballad of the Green Beret.  The beret is a type of hat, that is worn by soldiers that go through specialized training to earn them.

9.    America was involved in the Gulf War from 1990-1991.  This song was very popular then, it's called  I'm Proud to be an American.  My husband was in the US Navy during this war, and I can tell you that his captain played it daily on the ships loudspeakers!

10.    Operation Enduring Freedom officially started back in 2001 and is still happening today.  Although military marches are still used in formal military ceremonies etc.. this song is one that we written a few years ago to celebrate our soldiers.  It's simply called American Soldier.

In honor of those that have given their lives for our country.. this is a medley. A medley is a group of songs that are put together as one song.  This one is called  The Armed Forces Medley.  Each branch of our armed services has a special song that is just for them. This video was recorded at a special Memorial Day concert.  Please watch this.
The Coast Guard
The United States Air Force
The United States Navy
The United States Marine Corp.
The United States Army -  United States Armed Forces Medley

I hope you all have a good weekend!  I'm praying for you all! 

We are having a SNO CONE day at school on the 29th!  I will be there and hope to see many of you there as well! :)   Parents, you will be getting an email with all the details, but be assured, this will be a non contact event...  :)  You will stay in your cars and sno cones will be brought to you!!

Mrs. Durrell

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hi everyone!!  

     I hope that you are all having a great week!   This week.. we are going to continue our idea of getting outside and making some music! I have two videos below.. the first one is of ME...  the second one gives you some more directions as to HOW to make some musical instruments yourself!  
     Use your imagination... have some fun!  But remember... always ask your Mom if you can use anything that might belong to her... be careful what you use as a "percussion instrument!"   
      Have fun!  

1.   -  Just me and Maggie on the porch!!  Come join us!  

2.   -  Some directions for how to make your own instruments! 

Mrs. Durrell  :)  

Thursday, May 7, 2020

May 7

        Hi everyone!! 
                     I'm getting this blog posted MUCH later than I had planned and I am so sorry!  Today I filmed a video for you!!  I went outside... and after much work.. we had a video...  but then, getting it to my computer.. and through the editing software... well...  Hopefully next week we can do the video.  I will keep working on it and as soon as it is ready, I will post it!  
                     I want you  to do something a bit different this week....  GO OUTSIDE and listen!  Do you hear the birds?  They have been singing like crazy in my backyard this week... it's been beautiful!  So much music out there!  
                    Last week, I posted a video about making homemade instruments...  I don't know if any of you did that... but if you didn't, I will post the link again....  My goal for this week is for YOU to make some music!  Will post some videos of examples.. but I really want you to go out and make some music yourself... not just watch others do it!    
          Here is the vide about how to make your own instruments:

 Some examples of homemade instruments:  
            Making a pan flute out of drinking straws! 

         Music with bottles!  

           UNBELIEVEABLE music with cups!!!!  


See what you can come up with!!  Meanwhile... I will try to get my video up and running!   Have fun, go outside and make some music!!   

Mrs. Durrell